These are a few of the photos taken at the Custom show at the 2015 BWM rally at Santa Pod, some pictures are courtesy of the BWM team as can also been seen in their FB gallery, we are hoping to receive more pictures from the BWM team in due course, so please come back and check for updates.

As in 2014 the Lambretta Chopper Owners Club were invited to line up the chops to be seen at their best, this year we had new members join up on the official Club meet up, with new chops to include the Copper Chopper on show for the first time since build finish, the LCOC has never been one for favorites and the structure of the chop is to the fore, you will see that we have some very well executed custom Choppers and we eclectically have the matt blackers and rat chops to us all a chop is a chop whatever its guise, and everyone is different, and will always stand out in crowd, so to thos marmite people, we can only say, take a very good look whenever your fortunate to see a Lambretta Chopper, think of the toil they take to create, and take a close look at their aspects and engineering.