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Event Award Winners 2016

During the year many of our members attend many events and enter their Lambretta Chops into custom shows, this year 2016 we have decided to create a list of award winners, this is purely to highlight the attendances at various events not just in the UK but also internationally, to highlight the differing types of events our members attend,  We have also noticed that more and more of our members attend other type of events where chop scooters may be more appreciated and interestingly they may not always be scooter related but can be an eclectic mix.


Mersea Island Scooter Rally 3rd September

Lambretta Trike (Lee Bell) Winner Best Engineering

IOW International Scooter Rally 27th August

Lambretta Chopper Owners Club Winner of Best Club Display

Cry No More (Paul Marshall) Winner Best Chop

Exmouth National Scooter Rally 30th July

Lambretta Trike (Lee Bell) Best Engineering

Solent Cougars Scooter Rally 23rd July

Copper Chopper (Jonn Glover) Winner Something Different

Peterborough Scooter Rally 16th July

Lambretta Chop (Terry Vine) Best Chop

Lambretta Chop (Jamie Tuffs) Best Rat

Back to the Shed Rally 2nd July

Copper Chopper (Jonn Glover) Best Engineered

Cry No More (Paul Marshall) Best Chop

Isle Of Man Scooter Rally 25th June

Vommel (Beanhead) Best Cutdown

Hayling Island Scooter Rally 4th June

Bones (Trevor Roffey) Best Chop/Best in Show

Warlocks MC Custom Show 29th May

Lambretta Chopper (Royston Gysk Pikey) Best Scooter

Rat & Survival 27th May

Lambretta Rat (Reggy Reg) Best in Show

Newark on Trent Scooter Rally 14th May

Lambretta Chopper (Mick Stark) Best Chopper

Gravesend Sentinels Custom Show 14th May

Bones (Trevor Roffey) Best Chop/Cutdown/Skelly

Phoenix Nights 11 Scooter Rally 8th May

Cry No More (Paul Marshall) Best Custom Lambretta

Oddballs Scooter Rally 10th April

Lambretta Chopper Owners Club, Best Club

Bones (Trevor Roffey) Best In show, Best Chop

Absent Friends (Rob Brittle) Organisers choice

Splinter (Tony Day) Best Ridden Lambretta

Lambretta Trike (Lee Bell) Best Other

Vintage Motor Scooter Club 3rd April

Bones (Trevor Roffey) Runner Up, Best use of Fabrication

Waltham Stowaways SC 3rd Egg Run 25th March

Trike Lambretta Chop (Lee Bell) Furthest Traveled

Gingers Easter Egg Run (Manchester) 19th March

Absent Friends (Rob Brittle) Best Chop

Elegantly Wasted (Bullet Lawson) Best Engineering

17th International Custom Show (Antwerp) 12th March

Jacks Back (Mike Theed)

  • Best Chop/Cutdown (Custon Class)
  • Best Paint (Custom Class)
  • Best Custom in Show (Custom Class)
  • Best Lambretta Custom (Custom Class)

Spring Dub 6th March

Captain America (Ian Whittaker) Winner Best Scooter

Burton Brewers Custom Show Feb 27th

Copper Chopper (Jonn Glover) Winner Best Engineering, Runner up Best Radical